Understanding God’s favor

The word Favor often is translated “mercy” but also can be translated “womb.” This
gives us insight into the “favor” of God, for the womb is the place where our lives
begin. It is a place of comfort, rest, and security. In the womb, each baby is
totally dependent on the mother. The mother carries all the burdens and
responsibilities, and she must provide all the food and protection. The baby only
can rest and trust.

This helps us understand what the Bible means by favor. Walking in God’s favor means
recognizing what He does for us and how much we must depend on Him. It means
realizing that our lives are in His hands.

Receiving God’s favor begins with recognition that He is our Creator, the God of the
whole Universe. It requires awareness that in order to experience success,
happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and fulfillment, we truly depend upon Him.

About journeyintotheword

J.P. Olson, a woman on a mission. She choose not to seek the limelight, but rather have diligently worked in the trenches to improve a life and make the world a better place to live in. Journey Into The Word was founded by J.P. Olson. It's focus is the Word of God and Outreach Missions. J.P. is a professional vocalist and speaker of the word. Educational discipline is Psychology.
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