Studying the Bible will enable you to know truth from Error

 A person might say to you: “I believe Jesus is the Messiah too, but I don’t believe He is deity appearing in human flesh, and here are some scriptures to prove it!” Would you be able to defend your interpretation of those same verses? Would you have reliable linguistic resources or commentaries at your fingertips to help you?

You may have heard this illustration. When a new FBI agent is hired he is given intensive training. As part of the program he is taught how identify counterfeit money. The focus is mainly on doing a thorough study of the genuine bills, not the phonies. This is the best way to spot the fake currency.  While it’s helpful to learn about other religions and cults, we should be so familiar with God’s Word that when we encounter error, we will spot it at once. Today, many are being led astray by various “isms” because they don’t know and study the genuine truth of God’s Word.

By the way, we need more FBI agents ‑‑ who have FULL BIBLE INTELLIGENCE!


About journeyintotheword

J.P. Olson, a woman on a mission. She choose not to seek the limelight, but rather have diligently worked in the trenches to improve a life and make the world a better place to live in. Journey Into The Word was founded by J.P. Olson. It's focus is the Word of God and Outreach Missions. J.P. is a professional vocalist and speaker of the word. Educational discipline is Psychology.
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