Exercise Self Control

You can easily become distracted, wasting time and energy in pursuit 
of the wrong goals. Without self-control,we can “slip back”into bad 
habits and “old ways.”

Many people, then and now, find it hard to exercise self-control. 
For example,according to a recent study, 44% of Americans say they 
do not have time to be organized. These people waste time searching 
for their keys and other common household items. The irony is that 
“those who are the most organized spend considerably less time 
looking for lostbelongings.” These people have self-control.

Without self-control, circumstances can dominate our schedules. Our
priorities can become confused, and we can become distracted. We can 
fail to accomplish God’s purposes and miss out on His blessings.

About journeyintotheword

J.P. Olson, a woman on a mission. She choose not to seek the limelight, but rather have diligently worked in the trenches to improve a life and make the world a better place to live in. Journey Into The Word was founded by J.P. Olson. It's focus is the Word of God and Outreach Missions. J.P. is a professional vocalist and speaker of the word. Educational discipline is Psychology.
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