Tuesday’s Quote: Sin Does Not Sleep

Sin does not sleep
Satan’s Target:Your Mind,
His Weapons: Lies,
His Fear: God’s Word

Your Defense: God’s Word.
Your Weapon: God’s Word,
Your Defeat over Satan: God’s Word

Pretty Simple Isn’t It, Yet why do so many Christians forget to apply God’s Word? To know Christ, the Living Word, is to love the Bible, the Written Word.

J.P. Olson


About journeyintotheword

J.P. Olson, a woman on a mission. She choose not to seek the limelight, but rather have diligently worked in the trenches to improve a life and make the world a better place to live in. Journey Into The Word was founded by J.P. Olson. It's focus is the Word of God and Outreach Missions. J.P. is a professional vocalist and speaker of the word. Educational discipline is Psychology.
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